Peliroja shows Woollypigs her lumpy bits, Part VII


well after a looong kip, having breakfast at 1pm is the right thing to do on a holiday and after a long ride like yesterdays.

Water: nearly every town have it own little fountain that we can get our bottles refilled, and it is just brilliantly fresh. And the water right up the mountains is even better.

Food: well what is there to say, we eat our dinners at Les Sorbiers lets just say that the walk away from the dining table is hard work with our full stomachs. I just can’t get enough of the baguettes, cheese and fresh tomatoes, it is French food after all.

Today we gotta have a go at playing les boules, I have played it a few times over the years and find it great fun, now lets see if Peli likes it too. She is out running while I’m posting this, mad that she is :)

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