The Grand Union Canal …

grand union canal

… started of in Parsons Green, and had a not so nice 6 miles up north to the canal.
But as soon we hit the canal we were away from the Saturday shopping run, and on and along the Grand Union Canal.
Most of it I have ridden before but past, but past Perivale I haven’t, so I was living in hope that it would be ride able. Most of the ride was on fairly good surface, though one or two place it was a very narrow dirt track with not much space to spare. But we all were careful and didn’t have a dip in the drink.
We had a quick pint in Black Horse, before we headed out again, I was hoping that there were more pub or cafes along the canal. Well it might be that we missed one or two off the canal, if we had turned off at one point. We arrived at the Fox just after the 3 bridges, and enjoyed a lovely pint and pub lunch.

A splendid day out, only 2 visit along the canal which is pretty good compare to the amount of glass I spotted.

14 off us in good company managed and spirit to do 30miles on a lovely sunny spring day, I even managed to get a wee bit of a burn on the top of my head.

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