Crunchy on the outside …


… my armadillo tires survived 7 months of riding trough one of London borough that is well known for not putting street cleaning high on it’s list.

Back in April I went over Hammersmith Bridge, the very day after the boat race, and was greeted with a road paved with glass, and 2 flat tyres later, a walk the rest of the way to work.

I then invested in some Specialized Nimbus Armadillo tires and they worked a treat, when pumped with a high PSI gives a great roll, I even managed to do the Dun Run on them.

But today I heard the tell tell sign/sound of a flat, and low and behold in seconds I was riding a wobbly bike, yet another walk to work.

I have been thinking about getting the slim version of the armadillo’s and used today visit of the p+unt+re fairy to get a set. So let’s see how they are when I fit them on tonight.


  1. I’m trying a schwalbe marathon plus on the back, they look better (there is a 6mm barrier strip) but time will tell. Quite pricey, though, skinnier than my hemisperes.

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