Minx-girl – Terry cycle skirt review


minx girl cycling skirtI’m not much of a “girly girl” at all, but one item of women-specific cycling kit has really fancied my tickle. It’s the Terry Stretch Mini skirt. It’s a simple piece of lycra, mid-thigh length, with little slits up the sides, so is actually rather dear at around £30.

But, when cycle touring in New Zealand it was comfy, practical and downright invaluable! I wore it over shorts or 3/4s, when getting changed, just after a shower, and – best of all – to sleep in. When sleeping in a tent, responding to a midnight call of nature can be a really irritating faff, but less so if wearing a handy little skirt. You can work it out. That’s possibly too much information.

When cycling in New Zealand my skirt also became a talking point amongst the campervanning tourists we met at campsites. They’d recognise me on the road, and shout out their friendly hellos: “We recognised the skirt! How are you guys doing?!”

This garment also extends the lifespan of those ancient almost-see-through cycling shorts, but with a chamois so comfy you can’t bear to throw them away.


I rate this handy, practical five oinks out of five. Oh and Minx-girl.com has some lovely new designs on sale at the moment. I recommend you check them out!

Link : minx-girl.com

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