A brrr Ride


It is amazing that you can post on the forum the night before and six others comes along for a cold ride.

The weather was just brilliant, sunny (though a bit low a times) and nice and fresh (which some would have called blooming freezing) and six wonderful people out for a ride with you.

The plan was to head straight to the pub but the consensus quickly turned to tea and cake, it is a yacf ride after all. A stop in Hampton Court coffee room with hot chocolate for me and tea and coffee for the others. With scones and a chocolate brownie which you would be hard pressed to put more chocolate into, and the odd slice of cake.

Then we headed straight to Cobham and The Running Mare where we had wonderful food, some more than others I’m looking at you Jane :) My Shepherd’s Pie was numnum with veggies that were cooked just perfect. Peli’s mushroom pasta thing was very creamy and tasted of mushrooms. How do I know this? Well I had what she couldn’t eat, burp :)

The ride back was through unknown territories for me and others, what looked on the online maps to be fairly good cycle lanes turned out to be quite dirty mud tracks. So two of our party bailed out, sorry NSTN and four of us continued where wowbagger’s studded tyres were probably the best choice. But Jane on her skinny tyres took on the mud in the rather nice sunset in the forest with us.

The last 10 miles or so was on roads again and in Richmond Jane left the pack and we were only three left. We arrived at C and J’s and had some rather splendid iced chrimbo cake, warm tea by the litre and we had a look at their new feathered flock.

44’ish miles in very good company with new and old friends and a wonderful brrr day.

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