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From what I can remember there were plenty campsites when I visited 20 or so years ago. And now there are more, for example I searched on the net for campsites near Dubrovnik and the airport and found around 4-5 easily. Cycling from the airport to Dubrovnik we saw many more. The same was true leaving Dubrovnik I knew of a few either from our map we had or from internet search, but we soon spotted more.

The campsites range from big Autocamps where the toilet block is pretty much the same as what you will get in a 4-5 star hotels. With restaurants, game zones, babysitters and probably computers to use so that you can check your emails. They are pretty much like a theme park and centre parks all mixed together, though could be a great place to bring you kids since there will be plenty for them to do. To little idyllic sites, which are run by a family who either lives nearby or in the building that has become reception come shower block.

camping near dubrovnik in croatia

What we looked for and found pretty much everywhere was sites which has been rated by others to be two and three stars. e.g. with a shower/toilet block with only a couple cubicles and running (hot) water but above all very clean. And clean they were on all the sites we visited, nearly that sparkling that you didn’t dare to use them.

And did I say a friendly face welcoming us.

You will see the signs all over, at least on the Adriatic coast, in Croatia saying just the simple thing, Kamp or Autocamp. You don’t know till you arrive at the camp site what amount of stars they have or how big they or even the name of the site.

We traveled in Croatia at the end of high season, early Sept, so we didn’t have to book ahead. If you are camping in Croatia in the high season even with that many campsites on offer it is very advisable to book ahead. Because of the low season the roads wasn’t that busy but there was still a few caravans about. And since we tend to eat early we didn’t have to wait or hunt for a table with a view.

autocamp, kamp, campsites, camp site in croatia

Just don’t forget to bring your Exped downmat and your knock-o’meter (hammer) though a big rock would do. Since the ground in Croatia is rocky and doing the summer dry and rock hard.

All the campsites we visited in Croatia spoke English some French and Spanish and most did speak German.

Weather in Croatia in one word, brilliant. I have only visited in July and September, where July is very hot (30c +, and sometimes even more) and September was still warm and can still be very hot. If you should get rain be prepared that the will rain heavily. I have experienced heavy thunder storms lasting for more than 4 hours. But if you should get wet the good news is that you will dry in no time becasue of the heat.


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