Trains, Planes and Automobiles


Up at stupid o’clock, arrive at Gatwick only to find the queue for security going nearly all the way around the airport. But luckily the men and ladies behind the things going beep were working fast and we got through in no time.

Found the plane next only to sit around for 20 or so minutes before take off. So we arrived in CPH 20min late and was out off the gates in less than 45 min. And that included walking through the airport, waiting for our bike boxes to arrive and put our bike back together. The best part right where we got our bikes there was a compressed air out let so that we could get our tyres pumped, that’s Copenhagen for ya.

Out in the arrival area we got our train tickets to Aalborg which included ticket and “seat” reservations for our bikes. We also got some provisions for the 5 hour train journey a Danish pastry for Peli and a hotdog for me :)

The five hour train ride was a bit of a killer since we got up at 3:15 and we arrived at my folks at 19:00 well and truly jet lagged.

3 miles on bike and bugger if I know what other miles we did on plane, trains and automobiles.

Today’s ride was sponsored by “en risted med det hele”. A Danish delicacy, a take on the traditional hotdog. The hot dog sausage (often a bright-red sausage) is steamed and the bread is warmed in either an oven or toaster. Ketchup, mustard and remoulade sauce is followed by a sprinkling of raw and toasted onion, and a layer of pickled cucumber. Buurrp!

More photos here …

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